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We have been helping organizations with their business process and (non-) financial reporting challenges for over fifteen years. Carbon Accounting and Management is a welcome and much-needed addition to our service offering.

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Our mission

Adding value for organisations by calculating and using carbon emission data — and other sustainability metrics — as input for decarbonisation strategies, (climate) risk management, cost reduction programmes, compliance and strategic decision making.

How we can help you

We have been helping organizations with their business process and (non-)financial reporting challenges for over fifteen years. Over the last ten years, we have seen the rise of non-financial information up close and personal. Non-financial information (or pre-financial information as some like to call it) now informs business strategy more than ever. 

Those ESG-topics were first handled by marketing and communications functions but are now top of mind of every Management Team and handled by dedicated Sustainability Officers (and sometimes even dedicated financial ESG-controllers). In response to that, we have added carbon management to our services. Carbon accounting, decarbonization strategies and (science-based) target setting are fast becoming must-haves instead of nice-haves. Not only for large business organizations but also – as we have experienced first hand – for SMEs and NGOs. Tracking your emissions can lead to numerous benefits, ranging frompossible cost reductions to better stakeholder management, to talent retention and competitive advantage.

You would be wise to consider using some ready-made software for tracking your carbon emissions against your targets. We combine our carbon management knowledge with years of experience in software package selection, project management, business process redesign and implementing change.

About Wilfred

As a seasoned consultant, Wilfred combines project management skills, knowledge of financial accounting and business administration with extensive experience in optimizing processes and systems. Wilfred specialized in carbon accounting and decarbonisation strategies to help you with your climate-related challenges. He is an inquisitive, systematic problem solver with an eye for theory and international context.

What we do

Adding value for organisations by calculating and using carbon emission data — and other sustainability metrics — as input for decarbonisation strategies, (climate) risk management, cost reduction programmes, compliance and strategic decision making.

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