This site may feel a bit different than a standard company website. Through the main page, which is – as you noticed – a blog page, I would like to give you a feel of what interests me and from which sources I get me ideas to help out organizations.

Management consulting might seem an obscure or – at best –  vague profession. It seems management consultants have ‘invented’ a mathematical law for every business problem under the sun; promising better performance if you, the organization, would just implement the consultant’s advice.

I don’t believe there is an answer for every question out there. This also goes for business problems. I do believe that a management consultant can help ask the right questions and shape alternative strategies for fixing things or improving things. Some things might have worked at one client, but are a total failure at the next. So, I believe a management consultant should not be dogmatic, should draw from multiple disciplines and should always be very sensitive to the specific context the organization is working in.

Not always knowing if a strategy will work, does not exonerate us from consistently striving to do things better. We should not just give simple answers where there are none. (That would make the comparison some people make between management consultants and Sophists eerily appropriate!) Coming up with strategies that might work, and then implementing those strategies with gusto and persistence might just bring about the changes the organization envisioned. And this is what I aim for.

Thus, this site – and mainly the blog-page – will give you an impression of the ideas that draw my attention. They might also help you when thinking about improving your organization’s performance.

Last, I’ve added a short ‘Services’ page that gives you an idea of the type of assignments we took on in the past. If any of this might induce you to get in touch with us, please do so. You’ll find our contact details on the Contact page. It’ll be our pleasure to discuss your next plans to change your organization for the better.

Wilfred Sleeman.